007 - GoldenEye for N64

Play classic game 007 - GoldenEye on PC.

  • Last Updated: May 31, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: NINTENDO CO. LTD.

Description of 007 - GoldenEye for N64

GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooter video game. GoldenEye 007's menu system is presented as an MI6 dossier. Four save files are available to track the player's progress through the game's twenty missions, each of which may be played on "Agent", "Secret Agent" or "00-Agent" difficulty settings, with higher difficulties requiring the player to complete additional and more complex objectives. M, Q, and Miss Moneypenny provide background information on the chosen mission and its goals.

Once a mission is completed, the player may either continue progressing through the story or choose to replay a previously completed level. Completing certain missions within particular target times enables the player to unlock bonus cheat options which make various changes to the graphics and gameplay, and upon fully completing the game on the 00-Agent difficulty level, an additional "007" setting allows the player to customize the challenge of any mission. When a player chooses the "007" setting, they are presented with a screen entitled 'SPECIAL OPTIONS:'. There are four options on adjustable horizontal bars. The 'Enemy health' and 'Enemy damage' can be adjusted between 0 and 1000%. The 'Enemy accuracy' and 'Enemy reaction speed' can be adjusted between 0 and 100%.
Requirements: No special requirements

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