Act of War: Direct Action Multiplayer Demo

Experience the Art of War through Act of War.

  • Last Updated: Jun 17, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000
  • Publisher: Atari UK

Description of Act of War: Direct Action Multiplayer Demo

It is the not-so-distant future. The world is facing its worst energy crisis ever, with gas prices above $7 a gallon, a situation caused by drastically reduced production outputs by the oil companies and terrorist attacks against energy holdings around the globe. The situation is disastrous even in Western countries, with massive strikes, protests, and calls for the governments to act. From anti-globalization protesters to anti-wawr forces to environmental activists, people across the board are demanding change. The level of activity is creating powerful instability--instability that can be used as a weapon for those who operate in the shadows...

This is the demo for the strategy action game Act of War, set in a near-future, global technothriller storyline. Take command of your forces in the single-player operation as you clear out buildings and guide your airstrikes.
Requirements: 1.5GHz,256 MB,64 MB Video Card with vertex & pixel shaders support.

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