Age of Empires III

You can expect from this extremely impressive 3D strategy game.

Description of Age of Empires III

Check out some of the action you can expect from this extremely impressive 3D strategy game. New features include the battle control interface, the dynamic destruction engine and the concept of your home city. Watching this video will whet your appetite for more of the same...check it out.

Playable Asian Civilizations
Command one of three fierce Asian civilizations: the Indians, the Chinese or the Japanese each with its own unique armies led by powerful warrior Monks, Daimyo, Mansabdars and other special units

Exciting New Single Player Campaigns
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties introduces thrilling new stories into the popular Age of Empires III mythology. Play through three new mini campaigns with new heroes and villains who find themselves in the midst of some of Asia's most pivotal historical events, both factual...and fictional.

New Ways to Play Age of Empires III
With the addition of Wonders of the world and the new Export resource, Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties injects an intriguing level of depth to existing Age of Empires III strategy. If used wisely, these new features can mean the difference between rousing a victory or a humiliating defeat.

An Immersive World
Players will explore an exotic Asian setting over 11 new Random Maps, three new Home Cities, and interactions with new native civilizations, all while battling opponents in new game modes.
Requirements: No special requirements

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