Air Command 3.0

No where is this truer than in the realm of computer gaming.

  • Last Updated: Dec 11, 2008
  • License: Demo / $39.95
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, Me
  • Publisher: Shrapnel Games, Inc.

Description of Air Command 3.0

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, or so they say. No where is this truer than in the realm of computer gaming. While games over the years have touched upon every imaginable subject (and even those unimaginable) there are still subjects that rarely see the light of day. Such as air traffic control simulations. Ever since Bruce Artwick introduced computer users to the world of sim flying flight simulators have always been popular, and yet ATC games have been as rare as getting a real meal on a cross-country flight. So what's a guy to do if he secretly has the desire to direct traffic at a busy international airport?

If you're Joe Jaworski of Joe's Games you develop your own ATC sim. This is precisely what happened years ago when Joe gave the world the very first Air Command game, due in part to what he perceived as a lack of quality air traffic control simulations on the market. Now in its third incarnation, Air Command 3.0 is the definitive ATC simulation.

Though it tackles a tough subject Air Command 3.0 is highly playable, designed to be enjoyed by everyone from the novice who wants to try something new to the hardcore ATC gamer who actually does this for a living and can't stand the fact that he has to come home from work. The various difficulty levels allows gamers to challenge themselves as they want to be challenged.

Challenging and entertaining, providing players with nail-biting excitement from start to finish, Air Command 3.0 is a unique experience. In a world of "me too" gaming, Air Command 3.0 is a breath of freshness. A fun strategy game, even people who dread the thought of getting on an airplane will find Air Command 3.0 a welcome change of pace from their usual gaming.

So, are you up for pushing tin?
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