All The Right Type 3.6

The classic keyboarding program is now better than ever!

Description of All The Right Type 3.6

The classic keyboarding program is now better than ever! We've taken the look of All The Right Type 3 into a new age with its futuristic campus and spaceship pacer game. All The Right Type 3 retains the contents and features of the original, but adds more features. It's a visually exciting, engaging program that students love to use!

Program features:
Practice Pavilion - Builds speed using skills developed in the Learning Lab
Word Processing Plaza - Click here and automatically link to your favorite word processing program
Testing Center - Select either timed writing or speed goal tests
Learning Lab - Teaches proper posture and hand position to avoid injuries
Records Library - Students can view and print their results at any time
Skill Building - Students hone their skills with a series of graduated drills containing words, sentences and paragraphs
5 Motivating Games - Air Traffic Controller, Cargo Loader Challenge, Racing Sculls, Space Crisis and Space Race
Student password option - students' records are password protected
Advance Reports for detailed assessment
Additional classroom management options
Networking Solution uses Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Font size can be increased for reading ease
Narration in posture review and music in games'
Mouse review game - gives students the control and dexterity needed for mouse skills
Numeric keypad lesson

Management is easy with the Maintenance Center:
Track progress, automatically mark material, generate class or individual reports for up to 50 students per class (unlimited classes)
Create your own drills, lessons, tests and timings
Customize to fit your teaching style or students' needs
Backspace key can be disallowed
Error thresholds may be set to match students' abilities
Screen can be blanked, allowing students to type from hard copy while the program continues to mark and record
Export results to spreadsheet or report card programs
Requirements: No special requirements

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