Ancient Ivory 4.0

Ancient Ivory v4.0 is an award winning dice game .

Description of Ancient Ivory 4.0

Ancient Ivory v4.0 is an award winning dice game of strategy and luck featuring an intuitive interface, your choice of three different graphical interfaces, realistic animation and sound effects, and music, with an optional competitive computer opponent. Choose a different graphical interface, each with unique dice animation, every time you play - Classic, Stained Glass Monet or Safari. Five and ten-dice games (with single or double column option) are included. Score in twelve categories: five-of-a-kind (an *Ivory*), large straight, small straight, four-of-a-kind, full house, sixes, fives, fours, threes, twos, ones and choice. Play alone, against one, two, or three other players, or, in the five-dice variations, against a competitive computer opponent. *****Microsoft/WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame***** *****Winner of the 1996 SIA*s *Best Entertainment Program****** *****Winner of the 1997 SIA*s *Best Entertainment Program******
Requirements: No special requirements

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