Animal shows 3.61

Animal shows

Description of Animal shows 3.61

Most children like the circus, with all those acts that are so interesting and fascinating; there's something magical about seeing the performers there in the ring, moving in their own world of spotlights and sawdust. Since we want to see the smile on your babies faces, we have come out with a new release which is the wonderful circus, so your baby can enjoy all performances which are done by the cute animals, not only that but also can join them to perform together. Look! What do we have on the animal wheel? Wow, there are lots of animals. Come on kids, let’s spin the wheel and see which animal will be chosen to give us a stage show, and then kids can use the photo application to take a photo of this animal while performing on the stage.
The game of “hide and seek” is also here. Cute and clever animals are hidden. Let’s play hide and seek with them, let’s go find them. Have you ever thought about “animal pyramid”? Yes, those well-trained animals on the stage can do it, a simple word……awesome… are the master now to build those pydamids. Let’s see who is the best one to build the highest animal pyramid. Attention, you should put the animals carefully. Do not let them fall, cos it really hurts.

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