Arcades for Adults 1.0

Collection of Arcades for Adults, which aims to revive popular legend...

  • Last Updated: Jun 12, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $17.71
  • OS: Palm OS
  • Publisher: HeroCraft HiTech

Description of Arcades for Adults 1.0

Composed of the following games: Bikini Balls, Erotic Galaxy and Sweet Invaders. Caution: entire collection only for ages"16 and up".

Bikini Balls. An extreme arkanoid full of various bonuses, dangerous creatures and colorful blocks. And that's not all. Actions take place on the background of blinding beautiful women, impatient to show their fondly look. Only the red-hot ball can free the charming girls from captivity. Give them what they want!

Erotic Galaxy. The flagship of Terrans' reconnaissance expedition suddenly gets in a thick ring of asteroids. The situation is aggravated by the tenacious feeling that asteroids are inhabited, and unexpected guests are not cordially welcome by the extraterrestrial mind. Could the beautiful companions, especially taken aboard the ship, help the captain keep his eye ardent and his hand steady?

Sweet Invaders. They are called the most beautiful creatures in the Universe. They were banned from the intergalactic TV screens, after a billion of women’s complaints from all over the inhabited planets of Coalition. A simple allusion to them in any bar frequented by military pilots can be the reason of violent fights. They are called- Amazons. There are the bravest female warriors, who never give up! They became legend the day after their first contact with them. 10 years later, but the mankind has not yet made any slightest progress in relationships with charming Amazons. Is anyone at all ready to delve into the depths of the dragging constellation of Amazons?

Arcades for Adults features:

- Three games in one collection.
- Three infinite galleries of pin-up girls.
- High-quality animation and graphics.
- Dozens of bonuses, enemies and unexpected surprises in all games.
- Hall of fame and records, where your name will probably soon appear.
Requirements: Palm OS 5.0 or higher

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