Asda Story Online 1.0

You can have only one soul mate and it's like being in a party of two...

  • Last Updated: Mar 7, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: ONNETCO., LTD.

Description of Asda Story Online 1.0

You can have only one soul mate and it's like being in a party of two permanently.
You can gain more experience points than playing alone if you have someone you can trust as your soul mate to play together.
On top of it, if your soul mate joins a party with other players, you can gain both party and soul mate experience points while your soul mate plays with other players.
You can also have special skills that only soul mates can use.
These skills cannot be used unless you have a soul mate, regardless of what occupation you choose.
All these special skills will disappear as soon as you break up with your soul mate, but will be available again when you find another soul mate.

You and your soul mate cannot log on to the game at the same time?
Don't worry. You can summon the soul of your character and have your soul mate entrusted with the soul.
When the character entrusted with your character's soul plays, some of the experience points that the character gains will be stored in the soul of your character.
So when you log on, you will receive the experience points as a gift.
You need to use something called 'Soul Stone' in order to receive the free experience points.

If you can completely trust your soul mate, you can also share your character with him or her.
Your shared character will be shown on the character screen when your soul mate logs in, and your soul mate can choose your shared character to play.
When you share a character like this, you will be able to play with other occupations and items although they are not yours, making the game that much more fun.
Not only that, your character will gain all the experience points although it was your soul mate who played with it.
You don't have to worry about your items because your soul mate won't be able to sell, buy, or destroy the items on your shared character while playing for you, so you have nothing to lose when your soul mate plays with your character.

Only AsdaStory has the system that enables you to leve
Requirements: No special requirements

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