Baby Fishing 3.51

Come and catch fish!, Kids!

Description of Baby Fishing 3.51

A Baby Bus production.
Enlightenment cognitive software tailored specifically for the 0-6 years old babies. This software helps preschoolers to improve their basic knowledge of fishes, trains your baby's brain and hand coordination abilities.
Sunshine, sandy beaches and blue water are all in here. Hurry up kids; go get your tools, we are going to fish, to explore the mysteries of the ocean. Come take a look at these fishes living in the ocean, want to take them home with you? Sure you do. Giant sharks, petite and cute tropical fishes, smog-spraying jellyfishes...
Hurry up baby! Use the Panda’s fishing rod to get us some fish, give it a try.
The baby sure will love this easy, simple cognitive game. We recommend that parents and babies enjoy this game together; it helps to promote parent-child education.

★★★We have English, Chinese and Japanese 3 versions for our apps, the apps will adapte automatically according to your device language setting.★★★
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