Baby Rocks 1 3.51

Listening to the songs, planting mushrooms, picking fruits..............

Description of Baby Rocks 1 3.51

There are three keys to open the treasure box of the human wisdom, first is mathematics, second is languages and the third is music notes, mathematics makes people learn to think, languages are required to acquire knowledge, while notes make people more imaginative.
Baby Rocks with a new Acoustic and visual concepts are all presented just in front of the baby, with the Cheerful and sweet melodies, babies are going to feel relaxed and joyful. Babies can use dynamic mushrooms and colorful flowers to decorate their own dreamy kingdom arbitrarily. They can also enjoy fruit harvesting. While in the middle of this magical kingdom, enjoying the wonderful feelings which brought to us by the music, the physical movement of the baby hands comes besides the training of baby’s imagination.
You must be full of expectations from your child, so let’s just start your baby’s scientific education from the infant stage. Wish your baby to grow up happily

Congratulations to Baby Bus!The number of users has exceeded 8 millions.
We changed the original dubbing and we are using more authentic American-English、Chinese and Japanese dubbing. The sound is more clear.

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