Banish Land

Banish Land is a strategy web browser game based in a middle earth ge...

Description of Banish Land

Banish Land is set in an aggressive and dangerous medieval world where warlords struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of warlord and demons.

The game is designed base on a fantasy storyline where players get to expand and grow their kingdom step by step. Each class has its own unique units, buildings, technologies, and more. The game also has RPG elements which allow you character development by sending them on hero missions. It is non-flash based and is fully playable on mobile devices. The game is highly portable and persistent because the developer eliminated all high end hardware requirements and tedious downloads for this game by simplifying the game design without compromising the entire game play experience.

When the universe was still in the chaos, a group of supreme gods came to the empty continent: Avalon. The gods soon divided themselves into three different tribes and started to create different creatures within their own territories on the Avalon world. Since each creature adapted to the divinity of its own creators, each creature demonstrated unique instinct. The Ormazd tribe is composed of the gods of pure lights, and the Ormazd gods created the elf. The elf, inherited Ormazd gods’ kindness, had not only the gorgeous appearance but also longevity in life and wisdom. The Aristo tribe was built by the gods of wisdoms that consisted of both depravity and virtuousness. The Aristo gods created various animals, and these animals survived in the world of Avalon without any moral values. The evil gods in Apophis tribe are the creators of the Lavandors, half-breeds, which has distorted mental and violent character. Under the supervision of the Apophis gods, Lavadors fight against each other and subject to determine their own leader. It is a society in which power rules everything.
Requirements: No special requirements

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