BGBlitz for Mac 2.5.2

BGBlitz is a program intended to be the ultimate in Backgammon software

Description of BGBlitz for Mac 2.5.2

BGBlitz is a program intended to be the ultimate in Backgammon software. It hosts strong Backgammon playing Bots, training aids, tools to analyze matches and any further features which are requested.
* A neural net, called TachiAI, which has learned to play worldclass Backgammon. For beginners there are also weaker levels available.
* You can set your opponent to be human (useful for entering matches from books, etc.), network (to play against someone over TCP/IP) or TachiAI (the computer opponent). In the release 1.0 there's just one computer opponent, TachiAI. BGBlitz is designed to be able to host several bots and in the future there will be additional computer opponents.
* You can play Backgammon or Nackgammon (a variant leading to more complex games)
* Select your language between German and English. Other languages will follow, if there's demand.
* You can train yourself with difficult positions from the quiz databases. You can download databases from the BGBlitz website or create your own.
* You can analyze (best moves, evaluation, cube action) any position at any time, save positions and continue playing from a saved position.
* BGBlitz has a calculator included which computes the important parameters for cube handling in matchplay, a useful aid in improving your cube decisions. You can choose from three popular match equity tables as the basis for the calculations.
* You can replay, analyze and annotate your matches with BGBlitz or matches from many other sources such as FIBS, GamesGrid, etc...
* You can collect matches in databases and select specific games (e.g. all matches from your next opponent in a tournament). Additionally you can calculate statistics, such as which openings are played and how successful they are.
* There are a lot of formats for matches. With BGBlitz you can read many of them and convert to some other match-formats.
Requirements: No special requirements

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