Blood & Magic

Enter the newest realm of the most popular fantasy world of all time,

Description of Blood & Magic

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms, the most successful and appreciated fantasy world created for game players. From fertile inspiration to limitless land of fancy, the Realms have grown over the years into the
prize gem of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons multi-verse. Join us now for a quest into the Forgotten Realms unlike any that has ever been undertaken.

Blood & Magic takes place in an era of the Realms which has never before been revealed. It is before the Time of Troubles, in the land to the east of the Great Sea, where powerful leaders create magical armies to do battle with their enemies. This arcane practice is made possible by the Bloodforge, a mysterious artifact which forms living golems out of raw magic.

You will assume the role of various mages who have mastered the Bloodforge. Court intrigue, rivalries, revenge and outright invasio will draw you into conflicts with other masters of the art. Your campaigns will bring you to winding city streets, remote wilderness camps, forgotten ruins of yore, and sites conjured straight out of myth.

So leave your parties in the dungeon and your heroes on the quest, and prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge... to conquer a realm by way of Blood & Magic.
Requirements: No special requirements

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