Buffz RPG 1.6

Learn skills, fight creatures and boost your attributes by casting Bu...

Description of Buffz RPG 1.6

Buffz RPG is a 2d Real-time Action RPG where you have an ultimate quest of defeating Nidrog, the curse creator.

Wootun's King requests your help ! A new source of evil magic is corrupting the planet, and only an overpowered buffer can stop this !
Choose from EIGHT buffers, with unique initial stats and get ready for some fighting !

Use your imagination and create your own buff warrior, be strong or resistant, fast or lethal!
Why not be all of them together? It's all up to you !

:: Some of the game features ::
- Non-stoppable fighting !
- Real-time action, you can even buff yourself while walking !
- Learn skills and Buffz from the NPC's and masters !
- Monster respawning will allow you to achieve unlimited power !
- Look for Power chests and increase your powers the way you want !
- Anti-bug and anti-lag system are included !
- Fast game performance with lots of battle animations !
- In-game complete Tutorial for the new players !
- Solve quests for more power and help others !
- Lots of creatures and challenges on all maps !
- Gain Kimbos by killing your enemies and convert them into new abilities !

By playing, you will be learning more and more about the game !

And with a higher knowledge about the character's development, you will have even more fun !

Buff yourself and start your adventure RIGHT NOW !
Requirements: DirectX 9.0 or higher

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