BugBits is a unique insect-themed battle game and one of many free ga...

  • Last Updated: Aug 22, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: MyPlayCity.com

Description of BugBits

Download free battle game to discover that insects can show the fighting spirit too when their home is in danger! Plunge into the wonderful microcosm of emerald-green meadows, spacious deserts and forests abundant in riddles! Open a brand-new world full of ants and bees and become a part of a community. Together with your new friends you are to gather food and to protect your home-sweet-hive against hostile invaders. Download free battle game and become a commander of a vigorous army! Hard-shelled beetles and stink bugs, bees and caterpillars – all of them are at your military service. Every particular beetle has its military function which makes your thoroughly planned military operations more diversified. There are 17 bugs with different abilities at your disposal and 3 hero bugs that bring in the spirit of epics into your battle for liberty and peace. Make your progress to get access to new levels and missions. There are 39 various missions to complete on your way to freedom! Battles are enhanced with stunning 3D visuals with your troops being placed just opposite to your rival hive which makes the gameplay realistic. Not only can you switch to double-player or single player mode, but also zoom in for a close up view or zoom out to throw a glimpse at the whole battlefield. There are 18 two-player battles available on one PC. Beetle -lovers, unite! To disable your rival and win you need to collect nectar to prepare your troops and send them out to fight. Among all the military ordeals there are 5 special challenges that give you a chance to get medals in 10 different categories. But who is your enemy? Be sure, the overall military campaign is thoroughly masterminded and you are to find out by whom. Enjoy the intriguing and challenging game BugBits! Download free battle game right now!
Requirements: No special requirements

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