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Description of Captain Commando for CPS1

Captain Commando: The Arcade Game is a 1991 fighting action game released by Capcom for the arcades. The game features a reimagined version of Captain Commando, a character who was originally a fictional spokesman used by Capcom to address the player in the packaging and manuals of their early console games. The game is set in a futuristic version of Metro City, the setting of Final Fight, and features several loose ties with the characters and settings from that game.

The player chooses from the four members of the "Commando Team". The Commandos must fight their way through an army of genetically engineered super-criminals, traveling through a bank, a museum, and an aquarium, among other locations. Their quest eventually leads to an interplanetary journey to Callisto, where the evil mastermind "Scumocide" (known in the Japanese version as "Genocide") awaits.

Some main differences that stood out in this game at the time of its release were: the option to play with four players simultaneously, the ability to run and launch an attack (whether on the ground or an aerial one) for some distinct techniques, and mecha that the players can ride. The characters can add some variation in their combos by pressing forward during their attacks.
Requirements: No special requirements

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