Cavemen Vs Aliens 1.00

Help Neanderthal Cavemen to defend planet earth from an alien invasion!

  • Last Updated: May 18, 2010
  • License: Demo / N/A
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: JohnSear

Description of Cavemen Vs Aliens 1.00

Direct your squadron of Neanderthal Cavemen as they attempt to defend planet earth from an alien invasion.

For thousands of years, men have claimed that Alien life-forms have visited Earth (or at the very least middle-America). These assertions are completely untrue. There is only one occasion in the history of mankind when aliens walked on planet Earth.

Cavemen VS Aliens is a real-time strategy action game with simplistic controls, but innovative gameplay. Using the Xbox 360 controller, you must aid your cavemen on the battlefield to success, and demolish the aliens' evil desires. The cavemen's allies are the brightly coloured pterodactyls. Each pterodactyl has a unique ability which is mapped to one of the four buttons on the controller.

For example, a blue pterodactyl collects cavemen from their base deploys them into battle. The red pterodactyl on the other hand, picks them up and returns them to safety. The yellow pterodactyl supplies the cavemen in battle with ammunition and the green pterodactyl supplies the cavemen in battle with health. Using these four pterodactyls and their unique functions, the cavemen must be aided to ensure victory against their extra-terrestrial enemies.
Requirements: No special requirements

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