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Description of Code Name: Viper for NES

Code Name: Viper, released in Japan as Ningen Heiki Dead Fox is a NES action game published by Capcom where the player assumes the role of an undercover U.S. agent under the command of an Army Officer who assigns him a dangerous mission in South America in order to bust up a commando army. In the end, the player realizes that the commander is corrupt and he ends up killing his superior officer with a machine gun worthy of Rambo inside his multimillion dollar castle fortress.

The game borrows an extremely heavy influence from the classic arcade game Rolling Thunder, down to the concept of ducking into doors to hide or pick up ammunition, and nearly identical-looking enemies whose abilities can only be told apart from the color of their outfits.

Level Order

Stage 1:Brazilian Jungle

Stage 2:Weapon Warehouse

Stage 3:Abandoned Village

Stage 4:Incan Ruins

Stage 5:Underground Prison

Stage 6:Drug Lab

Stage 7:Mechanized Warehouse

Stage 8:Commander Jones' House.
Requirements: No special requirements

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