Combat Mission Shock Force 1.30

This new game demo includes the optional install of a new.

  • Last Updated: Mar 2, 2011
  • License: Demo / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Inc.

Description of Combat Mission Shock Force 1.30

* Includes three scenarios which can be played as either US or Syrian
* Includes a fourth scenario featuring British units introduced in the newly released British Forces Module
* Includes a fifth scenario, "Demo Training" which was designed to only be played from the US perspective
* Includes a sixth scenario, "NATO Die Festung" featuring German units from the newly released NATO Module
* All multiplayer modes are active (TCP-IP, PBEM, Hotseat)
* You can access the full Game Editor, but the save function is disabled.
* The v1.20 game manual is included as a pdf file
* The demo scenarios are only in English. See Game Language Info below for more details on how to play these battles in other languages.


* Demo Training, a small training scenario designed to familiarize new players to Combat Mission before engaging in "real" combat. (Blue play only)
* UK Out of the Wilderness: A mixed Mech Inf, Recce, and tank force fights to secure ground in preparation of a major attack.
* Smashing Steel: A Syrian mechanized force heads south as an American Stryker and tank force heads north. (Battle begins before dawn in the dark, but as time progresses and the sun rises, visibility and lighting will increase)
* Going to Town: Stryker infantry mix it up with the Syrian forces as they enter a small town.
* USMC Going to Town: Marines combined arms force fights it out with a Syrian force in a small town. The battlefield is the same as the Stryker based Going to Town scenario in order to highlight the differences between the units in each.
* NATO Die Festung: A German battlegroup assaults a Syrian defensive position centered on an ancient medieval fortress.
Requirements: No special requirements

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