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counter-strike 1.6 bot 1.0
icon This is a counter-strike 1.6 bot tool for playing alone or with your friends.

Size: 11.50MB Updated: 07/12/2010

7 last week downloads 684,349 total downloads
DecalConverter 1.3
icon It's a very simple way to make color decals for Half-Life, or another Mod for CS

Size: 2.47MB Updated: 07/14/2010

4 last week downloads 80,438 total downloads
Counter-Strike1.6 Server Creator 1.1
icon This tool will installs the hlds with cstrike and valve +admin mod for cs.

Size: 9.47MB Updated: 07/13/2010

0 last week downloads 77,631 total downloads
Halflife Logo Creator Beta 2.3
icon Logo's are bitmaps (.bmp) that you can 'spray' on levels in halflife.

Size: 1.22MB Updated: 07/14/2010

11 last week downloads 72,947 total downloads
Cs 1.6 Background Maker 3.0
icon This program changes the cs 1.6 background to whatever picture you want.

Size: 2.94MB Updated: 07/01/2009

37 last week downloads 68,128 total downloads
Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
icon Valve Hammer Editor is Valve's map creation program for their game engine.

Size: 598KB Updated: 07/14/2010

0 last week downloads 63,819 total downloads
Cs 1.6 Color Scheme Editor 3.0 Final
icon This soft lets you cutomize the colors for cs 1.6 menus.

Size: 3.00MB Updated: 07/01/2009

2 last week downloads 38,728 total downloads
plugins 1.0
icon This tool is for CS.

Size: 88KB Added: 07/03/2009

0 last week downloads 37,815 total downloads
HLTooLz 3.2
icon Half-Life TooLz will optimize your FPS and ping, with over 50 cvar tweaks.

Size: 1.63MB Added: 07/16/2009

0 last week downloads 35,386 total downloads
Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3
icon It's a custom build of the Mete's Ciragan's Half-Life Model Viewer.

Size: 127KB Added: 07/16/2009

0 last week downloads 28,885 total downloads
Enemy Detector for 3D Games 3.2
icon See your opponents through the walls.

Size: 479KB Updated: 07/17/2009

0 last week downloads 26,440 total downloads
Counter Strike bot 1.0
icon You can play on a computer without an internet connection!

Size: 8.73MB Updated: 07/01/2009

0 last week downloads 24,754 total downloads
Easy Sprite Maker 1.0
icon Make Half Life Sprites Easy

Size: 3.34MB Updated: 07/14/2010

0 last week downloads 20,464 total downloads
mouse fix remove 1.0
icon To those who do not use to use mouse fix.

Size: 1KB Updated: 07/01/2009

0 last week downloads 15,348 total downloads
sXe Injected 8.7
icon An Anti-Cheat system CLIENT|SERVER for CS.

Size: 3.12MB Added: 03/22/2010

0 last week downloads 14,340 total downloads
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