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Cs 1.6 Background Maker 3.0
icon This program changes the cs 1.6 background to whatever picture you want.

Size: 2.94MB Updated: 07/01/2009

283 last week downloads 66,783 total downloads
Cs 1.6 Color Scheme Editor 3.0 Final
icon This soft lets you cutomize the colors for cs 1.6 menus.

Size: 3.00MB Updated: 07/01/2009

209 last week downloads 38,050 total downloads
counter-strike 1.6 bot 1.0
icon This is a counter-strike 1.6 bot tool for playing alone or with your friends.

Size: 11.50MB Updated: 07/12/2010

73 last week downloads 683,442 total downloads
PsychoStats 3.2 (final)
icon A web based sofware that provides gaming statistics for player and clans on CS.

Size: 6.01MB Added: 07/02/2009

8 last week downloads 2,561 total downloads
Cs 1.6 Commandmenu Editor 2.1
icon you can make your custom ingame menu.

Size: 2.68MB Added: 06/30/2009

2 last week downloads 7,693 total downloads
DecalConverter 1.3
icon It's a very simple way to make color decals for Half-Life, or another Mod for CS

Size: 2.47MB Updated: 07/14/2010

1 last week downloads 80,368 total downloads
Podbot 2.5 Waypoint Pack XXL 1.0
icon 2635 Podbot-waypoints in one pack.

Size: 33.37MB Added: 07/02/2009

1 last week downloads 10,595 total downloads
WinBSPC 1.4
icon This tool is for CS.

Size: 105KB Added: 07/01/2009

0 last week downloads 3,515 total downloads
d@vinci's editing center 1.0
icon It is a tcolective of software for beguinners on hl1 motor editing.

Size: 8.41MB Updated: 12/20/2009

0 last week downloads 598 total downloads
lazy-script 4.0
icon Lazy-Script is for poeple that are lazy and like to do things the easy way.

Size: 8KB Added: 07/02/2009

0 last week downloads 607 total downloads
Zoner's Half-Life Tools 3.4 (final)
icon There are seven programs together build and light your map。

Size: 714KB Added: 07/02/2009

0 last week downloads 757 total downloads
lightsedit 1.0
icon This tool is for intermediate/advanced mappers.

Size: 10KB Added: 07/01/2009

0 last week downloads 78 total downloads
SuperHero for AMX Mod X 1.60 1.18e
icon This tool is for CS.

Size: 5.88MB Added: 07/02/2009

0 last week downloads 10,229 total downloads
sXe Injected 8.7
icon An Anti-Cheat system CLIENT|SERVER for CS.

Size: 3.12MB Added: 03/22/2010

0 last week downloads 14,336 total downloads
Mr_Perisher's Amx ModX Toggle 1.3b
icon This program is basically a toggle switch for your MetaMod.

Size: 795KB Added: 07/01/2009

0 last week downloads 433 total downloads
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