Crazy 8's 5.3

Crazy 8's is the classic childhood game of matching cards and suits

  • Last Updated: Jun 22, 2009
  • License: Shareware / $11.95
  • OS: Palm OS
  • Publisher: Seahorse Software

Description of Crazy 8's 5.3

Crazy 8's is a game for two to four players, in which the object is to get rid of the cards in your hand onto a discard pile by matching the number or suit of the previous discard.

For two player games, each player starts out with 7 cards. For three and four player games, each player starts out with 5 cards.

An indicator shows whose turn it is. When "Play" is displayed by your hand, then you must either play a legal card, or draw a card (tapping on the Seahorse Card in the middle) and thus pass your turn.

A legal card is:

* Any card that matches either number, suit, or type (ie. Draw 2) of the current top discard.
* An eight (or Wild), in which case you get to pick a suit (which will then be displayed along with the 8/Wild as the top discard).
Requirements: 1.0-Latest

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