Cross country USA 2

Your geography classroom becomes a real American adventure!

Description of Cross country USA 2

If you liked the original Crosscountry USA, you and your students will love this new, updated version of the program.

Students 'drive' an 18-wheel truck around the country picking up and delivering a variety of commodities. As they travel between any of 203 cities, they'll learn valuable skills including problem solving, map reading and decision making. On-screen maps, GPS navigation and a compass allow students to learn directions and plan the most efficient route. Students learn time management, decide when to eat and sleep, and watch road conditions.

Photographs of cities, famous places, and landmarks add a visual dimension to the journey.

Descriptions and pictures of each of the 53 commodities teach students the basis of the economy. Along the way, students develop geographic literacy. They learn about the relationships between places, goods, and regions. In addition, they develop an understanding of their place in the context of this information.

Crosscountry USA 2 is engaging enough to keep students of all ages interested. This program is easily integrated into your multi-strand curriculum.

Skill Development Includes:
- geographical literacy
- map reading
- decision making
- estimating
- problem solving
- survival math
- direction skills
Requirements: No special requirements

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