Cxbx 0.7.8c

Xeon is an X-Box emulator for the PC.

  • Last Updated: Nov 29, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000
  • Publisher: Caustik

Description of Cxbx 0.7.8c

This may not actually be an emulator to some people but everyone considers it one. Cxbx's goal is to convert a game from an Xbox executable to a native Windows executable.

version: 0.7.8c

- Spontaneous CreateDevice failures fixed (many, at least)
- Exe now able to generate into temporary directory, allowing
games to be run from a read only device without path issues.
- Finally, Cxbx.dll and Cxbx.exe enforce version synchronization.
This should at least diagnose about 9 billion people's problems.
- Very minor splash image tweaks
Requirements: No special requirements

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