Dark Ages I: The Continents 1.24

Dark Ages I: The Continents is a free computer role-playing game.

  • Last Updated: Jul 30, 2009
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 98, NT
  • Publisher: dk-software

Description of Dark Ages I: The Continents 1.24

Dark Ages I: The Continents is a free computer role-playing game. You play the role of a young hero who quests to avenge his family's death and gets caught up in more than he ever bargained for. Greyor, a menacing wizard who seems invincible is using his magic to slowly conquer the continents. He must be stopped and you must use both your sword and your wits as you gradually gather the medallion pieces that will put an end to his tyranny. In the game world, you must explore a vast world and plunder deadly dungeons, and interact with many people to gather the clues that will help you defeat Greyor.

This is a game for everyone, from the first-timer to the hearty gamer. The experienced will find the game a refreshing return to the classic days of dragon warrior, zelda, and the original final fantasies and ultimas that had changed the way we viewed CRPGs for many years thereafter. The new gamer will find an easy way to get caught up in a wonderful genre of computer gaming. This is an amateur-made game, thus there is no rating system. It contains some cartoon blood, not very real looking, and very, very rare use of obscenities. It is most likely appropriate for all ages if they are responsible enough to use a PC, but use discretion if necessary.

You need DosBox to run this dos game.
Requirements: No special requirements

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