Darkspore Online

Defeat the Darkspore using heroes in this action packed RPG game!

  • Last Updated: Feb 4, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts

Description of Darkspore Online

Defeat the Darkspore using heroes in this action packed RPG game!

Darkspore is a sci-fi action-RPG focuses heavy on multiplayer elements that features a much more advanced version of the award-winning real-time character creation and editing technology first seen in Spore.

The Crogenitors, a race of unrivaled, advanced beings, roamed the galaxy for eons. Long ago, they created the five Genesis types of DNA as well as a powerful type of DNA called E-DNA. A scientist on the planet Verdanth named Sage discovered how unstable the E-DNA was, and before he could warn the Crogenitors, mutated E-DNA had already spread across his homeworld like a plague, creating the first of the Darkspore race as he watched helplessly.

Sage fled away on a Crogenitor refugee ship. He sought to one day return and free his world, reconstructing his weaponry to manipulate plant life, and became known as Sage: The Life Forester. The Darkspore soon spread and worked their way to the ruins of the planet Nakto, where a Crogenitor named Zelem and his partner Vex, who gained his title as Vex: The Chrono-shifter after an experiment granted him the ability to manipulate space-time, tried to fight back, but failed.
Requirements: No special requirements

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