Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry is a series of four hack and slash games set in the mod...

Description of Devil May Cry 4

This city and other cultural beliefs different original religion. The cult of blade is called the belief organizations, worship the gods is used to fight for human demons - blade and Sparta (Sparda), hate evil, and the other is to eliminate their teachings, in order to realize the first sacred doctrine, and even have called "knight" independence forces entered. Then, the demon hunter Dante suddenly appeared, the cult of the knights will one down... The new role performance luxuriant In the past, the protagonist "Dante" convert "cult of young knight Nile!" He is the biggest characteristic of the "devil YouWan". Not only can be taken with the "enemy" remote Snatch with various functions, with more powerful "Buster" etc, the various elements of martial created magnificent picture! The Nile to show all active! Despite leading the throne room and lock is still active The old series of main "Dante", in this work will be big villain. Have had not seen the Nile new stage, and new ability of Dante, also can become appearance characters of! Dante's appearance and story elaborate, please await follow-up news!
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