Din's Curse Patch 1.010

Patch 1.010 for Din's Curse

Description of Din's Curse Patch 1.010


- changed protocol number
- fixed an npc level above level max problem (abomination5)
- improved return to home behavior
- now save actor original position
- made solved by an npc text more generic
- made it so treasure maps always generate a reasonable level for your current world
- fixed a bug with poisoned supply quest starting
- now print full path of where ctx files are written
- now console wraps text
- now print bad command to make debugging easier
- added a command to hide player model (just doesn't draw)
- increased skeleton arrow speed from 350 to 450 (Archon)
- fixed Rawhide Shoulders background (FloodSpectre)
- now spiders can't jump if blocked from using skills (abomination5)
- now have to stand still for arrow skills
- increased wisp damage a little
- projectiles that have constant damage are now treated like damage over time (resistances don't work as well) (FloodSpectre)
- now if something prevents movement for a while it gets rid of your path (Stardusts)
- main gate now on world map (Amberjoy)
- made 2nd difficulty at little easier (DeathKnight1728)
- increased armor damage absorption a little (name here)
- statues no longer show up on minimap (Roswitha)
- stalker now gets a flat 40% movement speed boost instead of 10% per skill level (Stardusts)
- made feint, jab, and sleight of hand better (DeathKnight1728)
- fixed min level in SmuggledGoods quest
- now remove delivery npc when time runs out
- if npc dies trying to solve quests now fail their outstanding quests correctly (Bak)
- now the 3rd parm to userVar in UI stuff is a bool that specifies whether or not to save user var (zespri)
- fixed arrow skill speeds (Bak)
- fixed death knight run animation bounds (FloodSpectre)
- fixed another issue with renegade attacks (Aet)
- fixed multiplayer error messages not displaying correctly because of loading screen
Requirements: No special requirements

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