Dweep 1.30

Winner of the Shareware Industry Award and the ZDNet Shareware Award

  • Last Updated: Jul 9, 2009
  • License: Shareware / $24.95
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Dexterity Software

Description of Dweep 1.30

Winner of the Shareware Industry Award and the ZDNet Shareware Award, Dweep is a refreshingly unique puzzle game that automatically helps you become smarter while you have fun. Designed by a man whose IQ is in the top 1%, Dweep features over 150 stimulating puzzles that will help you to:* boost your brainpower* sharpen your creative problem solving skills, logic, and memory* increase your concentration, focus, and attention span* improve your communication and teamwork skills* enhance your insight, intuition, and awareness* build your mental endurance* relax and reduce stress* and have fun at the same timeYou simply play and enjoy the game. All the brain-building benefits happen automatically and effortlessly while you play. Dweep's intuitive interface makes it so easy to learn that you'll be having fun and enjoying the game in the first 5 minutes.Here's how it works: Dweep's unique puzzles engage both sides of your brain simultaneously. This allows your mind to slip into an alpha state, the same mental state you experience while dreaming. In this stress-free state, your body feels soothingly relaxed while your mind becomes totally focused. Similar conditioning is used by Olympic athletes and other peak performers, so now you can benefit from it as well.Dweep is designed for male and female players of all ages. Children are enchanted by the loveable Dweep character and the game's bright, colorful style. Teens and adults enjoy Dweep's nonviolent challenge and unique design. And seniors are delighted that Dweep helps keep their minds sharp, alert, and mentally flexible.Try out the free 5-level demo, and enjoy the automatic benefits of playing Dweep while having massive amounts of fun at the same time.
Requirements: No special requirements

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