Dynasty Wars for CPS1

Play classic game Dynasty Wars on PC.

Description of Dynasty Wars for CPS1

Dynasty Wars is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up arcade game released in 1989 by Capcom. The players' goal is to wipe out the Huang Ching, the organization responsible for the unrest of the Han Dynasty, and up to two players can fight side by side to accomplish this goal. This game always scrolls to the right. Players must be able to survive the rebel hordes to reach and kill the rebel general in each stage to free the province.

Players can use three buttons: to attack left, attack right, or use special tactics. In the arcade version, inserting more coins increases the maximum life of the player. In an RPG style, completing stages and collecting yellow orbs increase the experience points of the player in order to level-up, where he gains more vitality and use stronger weapons. These weapons are upgraded for every 3rd blue orb collected. In-game treasure increases player score, and food packs replenish vitality.
Requirements: No special requirements

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