Fallen Evolution Online 31

Fallen Evolution is a free MMORPG with tons of features. Choose up to...

  • Last Updated: Mar 26, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Elevations Productions

Description of Fallen Evolution Online 31

Fallen Evolution is a free MMORPG with tons of features. Choose up to 7 different classes, customize your character and chat with friends in-game, create your own guild/clan, battle monsters, learn techniques and spells, raise your own pet and use it in battle, train mining, fishing, cooking, and woodcutting skills to your advantage, obtain the best armors and weapons, become rich and famous!

In the first beta release it should have the following features:

* Map loading completly done.
* Paperdoll completly done (including gfx on character and other characters)
* Map Downloading, PUB downloading. (reads revisions and updates it like EO client already does)
* Inventory Working (able to move items in inventory slots).
* Droping and picking up working.
* NPC's working (with HP bars).
* Right click feature on the online list
* Admin Panel (includes buttons to activate #nowall, #speed, a button to open in-game map editor)
* Custom Mouse Cursor (options to enable or disable it)
* Custom Security to block eo clients connecting to server remember to make it send a special byte so server can read it clive.)
* In the right click menu for online list it should have a submenu called "stats" which shows the players level, armor stats, and guild.
* Character Creation (includes title box, all skins, class box, job box)
* Account Creation (includes all ones current EO includes and don't forget to include the security check to block plasmastar from faking hdid's clive)
* Credits (fixed and scrolling)
Requirements: No special requirements

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