Fallen 1.20

Explode gems and turn them to your score!

Description of Fallen 1.20

Fallen is an addictive gems puzzle game. Clear gems on board by tapping on a group of at least 3 identical gems. Tapped gem group is removed from the board and the gems above will fall into the empty spaces. New gems will be generated and added to bottom of board.

- Easy to learn and play.
- Enhanced Sound Effects.
- Animation and able to change its status.
- Two modes, Normal and Timed game.
- Three magic tools to ease game playing.
- Two on board tools to create more fun.
- Top Five Highscores for each mode.
- Automatic hint helps to play.
- Auto resume to last game played.
- Battery and time status show during game played.
- Export High Score to Fallen Internet High Score Table.
- Supports high resolution (320 x 320) on PalmOS 5.0.
- Supports low resolution (PalmOS 3.5x & PalmOS 4.x).
- Supports grayscale, and color display.
Requirements: PalmOS 3.5 or later

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