Ferrari Virtual Race

Ferrari Virtual Race game.

  • Last Updated: Nov 7, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Ferrari

Description of Ferrari Virtual Race

Ferrari Virtual Race game with Training Session.

Below are the default keys which can be used to control the game. These can be reconfigured within the options menu. Alternatively, if a Direct X compatible joystick is installed, the game can be controlled with that instead.

Up arrow : Accelerate
Down arrow : Brake
Left arrow : Steer left
Right arrow : Steer right
SPACE : Handbrake
A : Shift up (in Manual transmission)
Z : Shift down (in Manual transmission)
C : Change camera view
B : Look backwards
R : Reset (re-align vehicle & put wheels back on)
K : Instant replay
(press RETURN to allow freezing / f-fwd / rew, ESC to exit). Use mouse/button to move camera
H : Horn
L : Flash headlights
W : Toggle Warning lights on/off
Q : Turn left indicator on
E : Turn right indicator on
P : Pause
F11 : Take screenshot
ESC : Exit the race
Requirements: No special requirements

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