Fish Tycoon for Mac 1.0

Fish Tycoon is a virtual fish breeding game

  • Last Updated: Jul 12, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $19.95
  • OS: Mac OS 9
  • Publisher: Last Day of Work

Description of Fish Tycoon for Mac 1.0

Fish Tycoon is a virtual fish breeding game. The object is to breed and cross breed fish until you find the 7 Magic Fish and solve the genetic puzzle. You will have to buy supplies like meds, eggs and special plants and then sell some of your fish in your virtual pet store. If you have enough money you can buy new supplies and customize your virtual aquarium.
The game runs in TRUE REAL-TIME: if your computer is turned off or you exit the game, hours later small fish will have grown larger and new surprises await you.

New surprises every time you turn on your computer!
Genetic Puzzle: discover which breeding combinations will create the 7 Magic Fish
Virtual Pet: care for your fish in a true virtual aquarium
Simulation Game: virtual fish in a persistent world
Tycoon Game: test your business skills and aquarium skills at the same time (multiple approaches to solving the game)
Breed and choose your own fish for your built-in screensaver
Customizable Tanks: place your ornaments where you like most!!
Requirements: For Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

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