Flyff 16

Immerse yourself in a vast community of players from all over the world!

  • Last Updated: Dec 1, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: GALA-NET, INC.

Description of Flyff 16

Use weapons, armor, spells, and more to fight monsters and complete quests. Develop fantastic skills and powers to use in combo attacks. Explore massive territories by land and by air until you have unlocked all the secrets of Madrigal.


-Fly around the world to discover new lands, fight monsters on the ground or in the air, and participate in special events (like races).
-Form parties with your friends and gain special skills and advantages for all your team members!
-Flyff features weekly Guild Sieges that pit the most talented Guilds against each other in the most frenetic battles. Guilds do battle in the Siege Arena, a coliseum like structure hidden deep within the mountains. The fun is not just for the Guilds; spectators can watch and cheer their favorites on to victory from the Spectator Area surrounding the Arena.
-Improve your weapons, armor, and accessories by combining them with magical items. Enchant them with elemental properties and make them more powerful than ever. Can create the Ultimate Weapon!
-Hatch an egg to obtain a magical pet that will keep you company and make you better, stronger, or faster.
-Collect items and trade or sell them to other players. Become a merchant and set your own prices.

V16 introduces the much-anticipated 3rd Job Evolution where players can transform their characters by exploring the eight brand new classes: Templar, Slayer, Harlequin, Crackshooter, Force Master, Seraph, Mentalist, and Arcanist!

In addition to new classes, V16 introduces a brand new guild house system that lets higher level guilds bid on massive guild houses! V16: Rise of the Muran will also let players uncover the lost region of Kaillun and meet a new race of friendly cat-creatures, known as the Muran. The Muran’s massive city of Eillun will offer players a great safe-haven and brand new territories to explore!
Requirements: No special requirements

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