Football Superstars FS 2.6

Football Superstars - The Most Competitive Football Game on the Plane...

  • Last Updated: Jan 14, 2013
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: CyberSports Limited

Description of Football Superstars FS 2.6

In CyberSports Football Superstars, football game-play is different from current games. Each user is a single player and has a first-person viewpoint as if you are on the pitch. This makes play much more familiar and, because you are in control of one player, the ball-control possibilities are wider. Controls are designed to be intuitive and so will be easier for casual gamers to pick up. During our development to-date we have also found that a true team spirit is built between the players and that a well-disciplined team can easily beat a ‘ball-chasing’ team. The team dynamic is further enhanced by the fact that players will be able to talk (or shout) to each other via 3D positional voice technology. We have found that often a player takes on the role of commentator. Our office matches, coders against designers, produce the atmosphere of a real football match.

- Play casual football on the ‘kickabout’ pitches found all over the Football Superstars world, practicing new skills and honing football ability with friends or strangers using an open or private lobby system. Challenge rivals to friendly games or develop your tactics with friends before that next big match.
- Participate in hardened competitions in the “Sponsor” system where 14 rival teams battle it out each season to be top of the league tables. Advance in the divisional ladder and face new challenges with greater competition until you face the ultimate challenges of the 1st division.
- Realise your dream and manage your own Football Club. Recruit real people and participate in competitions and tournaments against any of the other managed clubs, or enter your favourite squad into the automated seasonal Player Managed Club league. Watch replays from any number of other inhabitants of the world and make them an offer they can’t refuse to join your team, or review the tactics required to beat your arch-rivals.
Requirements: No special requirements

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