Fuse 1.0

This arcade space shooter has not only great sounds but graphics. Ope...

Description of Fuse 1.0

Once again mother earth has been threatened by alien powers. An invasion fleet has already penetrated the first line of defence and the end of mankind appears to be inevitable. Desperate attempts have been made to stop the invaders. But the attack has come as a complete surprise. Chaos and panic have broken out at government and military headquarters alike. It has taken hours to form a human force strong enough to repell the enemy aggression!

Use the brand new starship "IXL-522" to defeat the enemy. Collect "Power Ups" to equip your ship with the newest weaponry and build up your own Super Starship Fighter.

Full version features:
- 12 levels of play
- 1 giant bonus level (Score Attack)
- Changing background graphics
- Power Ups
- Great sounds
Requirements: No special requirements

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