Gary Grigsby's World At War 1.049 US

This is a dynamic, turn-based strategy game of World War II.

  • Last Updated: Nov 9, 2009
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  • OS: Windows XP, 2000
  • Publisher: Matrix Games

Description of Gary Grigsby's World At War 1.049 US

World at War: A World Divided is a dynamic, turn-based strategy game of World War II that puts you in the role of some of the most legendary leaders of history. Four tutorials and three campaigns and five scenarios let you learn the system quickly and start fighting the whole war and beyond.


* Three full-length campaign games (Total War, Axis Blitz, and Arsenal of Democracy), all starting in 1939 and lasting to the end of the war.
* Five shorter scenarios (Spring’40, Summer’41, Spring’42, Summer’43 and East Vs West – 1946).
* Five playable forces (Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, the Western Allies, and China) and 40 different countries
* Over 370 areas on a sprawling world map
* Command fifteen different combat units in the air, on the land, and at sea, as well as infrastructure and supply units
* Each unit has up to 14 attributes, most of which can be improved through research and development
* Rules that cover strategic movement, forts, cold weather zones, airborne attack, amphibious invasions, partisans, militia, and many other features
* Fog of War rules that hide enemy units and production
* Supply rules that can be set to provide a common pool for all units to draw from, or the creation of field units that must accompany the armies
* PBEM playability for two to five players
* TCP/IP/LAN playability for 2 to five players
* Challenging AI that offers a unique gaming experience
* Ability to automate either or both the Production and Research functions
* Four in-depth tutorials that smoothly integrates the player with the game
* Soviet and American War Readiness levels that dictate their production levels and entry into the war
* Detailed political rules for neutral countries including trade agreements and random political events. Allows countries to support a world power with resources and production, or even enter the war on the side of one of the major powers.
Requirements: No special requirements

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