Great Invasions

“Strategy and Survival in the Dark Ages!”…

  • Last Updated: Mar 9, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $19.99 Buy Now
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Matrix Games

Description of Great Invasions

Take command of several of almost 80 playable nations throughout 700 years of history starting in 350 AD, and lead each of your historical nations from birth through growth, stability and decline. It will not be easy to expand or, indeed, survive across the centuries - but master the arts of diplomacy, war, economics, and administration and there will be no limit to your ambitions!

Lead a series of nations through 700 years of history
Choose from several different scenarios, all with different political, diplomatic, and economic climates making for a completely different game experience with each one
Tons of historical detail make Great Invasions accurate and fun including 150 historical events and over 3700 key figures found during the game's time period
Almost 80 playable nations and several extra non playable nations
Players lead multiple historical nations through 700 years of history in multiple scenarios and play modes
Military, Diplomatic, Economic and Religious challenges and strategems await, along with historical events and characters
Military leaders with attributes and talents that can command 20 different types of land units and 6 types of naval units
Requirements: No special requirements

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