Tycoon spy game - Build your private spy agency.

Description of GUNS GIRLS LAWYERS SPIES -Spy Tycoon Ed.

GGLS is a business intelligence strategy game. Your main objective is to build private intelligence organization (agency).

Your agency consists of: Director (you), Agency Stations ( established around the world to give you various information and make profit) and Agency Units (Escort Units that travel with president; Station Units which protect agency stations) .

Generally, your basic task is to travel around the world, trade weapons, information, technology and mercenaries), hire units for agency protection and establish agency stations.

The world isn't a peaceful place. Countries can have various status: war, political instability, civil war, cold war and sanctions. This is not bad for intelligence business, and you should consider country political situation in order to find best place to trade goods and hire spies, lawyers and combat units.

Naturally, intelligence business is not so popular in some countries. Map View Button "Company Status" can give you some information regarding country hospitality (which can be Ally, Neutral and State Enemy). Expect you won't be welcome in states where your company status is "State Enemy".

Your basic transportation will be cargo plane(planes). Director, your escort units and your cargo load are placed in cargo plane (all escort units except airplane units; they fly beside your cargo planes as an air protection).
So you must be careful in choosing your escort agency units and your goods in order to comply with free cargo space in your cargo plane. Free cargo space can be increased by buying additional cargo planes.

Time is important factor. Flight from country to country takes time. Your flight speed will be the speed of your SLOWEST cargo plane.

For less successful intelligence businessmen there is always an alternative: robbing the banks. Don't except that country where your action takes place loves that type of action; your agency status there will be decreased.
Requirements: No special requirements

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