HeckleWorks Pro 4.0

Robotic heckle, jibe, insult and realtime personality evaluation gene...

  • Last Updated: Mar 12, 2008
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • Publisher: theDailyGrind

Description of HeckleWorks Pro 4.0

HeckleWorks is a robotic heckle, jibe, insult and realtime personality evaluation generator. It can be used for filling evaluation forms, intermittent analysis while you work, or general heckling. HeckleWorks features a broad vocabulary and some grammatical variations, for de novo jibe generation. Alternatively, you can specify the targets, for the abuse they so richly deserve. The "Yell Continuously" function generates a constant stream of heckles, and speaks them with a variety of voices. A highly configurable timer allows the user to set up intermittent heckling, lying latent in the background.

Sample heckles:
* An illegal giant novelty timebomb could bring back the Mao suit with less collateral damage than you!
* You 'redistribute' land to your cronies like a trans-urethral leperous distillment!
* You join the EU like a wan manga character!
* Your Terrapin is a post-Impressionist Wikipedia, so go sack the elected government with less collateral damage like the torrid multiparty democracy you are.
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or better

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