Powerful gaming and administration tool, for gamers and server admini...

  • Last Updated: Aug 4, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows 2003, XP, 2000
  • Publisher: HLSW

Description of HLSW

HLSW is a software that facilitates online gamers the world-wide locating of game servers as well as game server owners or operators the maintenance and administration of their servers.

However HLSW offers its users more features than a simple game server browser: Analogue to instant messengers HLSW users write themself messages using the integrated buddy list functionality. In addition they can see on which server their buddies are playing for the moment. In combination with the server search fuction listing all word-wide game server in a convenient tree structure is HLSW the perfect management tool for online gamers.

Not only the gamers but als the game server's ower have a powerful tool in their hands: The management and administration of servers is for operators with HLSW especially easy to handle. The software make all function of one game server remote-controlled (RCON = Remote Control) available. A conection with the game server using the gaming client is not neccessary. The complete control works comfortable from your desktop.

HLSW is more than only one software: The status indicator is the gamer's visiting card for every registered user. The banner that is configurable in different sizes and skins can be easily embedded into forums and webpages. The graphic shows the user's favorite games and the game server he's playing at the moment. By a simple click onto the banner other users can join or add you to their buddy list.

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Requirements: No special requirements

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    Powerful gaming and administration tool, for gamers and server administrators.

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