ISS Mars Way 2.2

Strategic and Simulation Space Scientific Game.

  • Last Updated: Jul 2, 2009
  • License: Shareware / N/A
  • OS: Windows 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: wwwGallery Team

Description of ISS Mars Way 2.2

The space conquest is a dream of many, as marine discovery that held us for a long time. The Man is like this! Curious by nature, he built a International Space Station, ISS. Starting from here your astronauts team will have to seek other astronauts team that got lost in the the future. Strange, isn't it? Imagined together with the ISS Mars Way eBook, that tells the astronauts' lost in future history, this game makes you a true Commandant, that has to work with a daily routine replete of unexpected, in a space atmosphere, in that the time never stops. With that, the acquisition of equipment, resources gathering as oxigen, water, food, minerals and energy, as medical kits, survival kits, capsules, the trade between ships and selling of information by using the e-Commerce lines, the creation of vaccines, the artefacts search, the specialized human-robots selection, and much more. Manage your astronauts team as you've got to manage a family in the popular Sims Game. Take care of them, and of yourself, about the health, stress and weariness, repair your ship, research new modules on ISS. Don't forget the didactic aspects with plenty of trustly information and a lot of image as photos of our beautiful and misteryous Solar System ...Well, you've got to try this complete game shareware and enjoy this innovator game for free
Requirements: No special requirements

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