Keystone Kapers for Atari

Keystone Kapers was a 1983 game published by Activision for the Atari...

  • Last Updated: Sep 20, 2012
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Activision

Description of Keystone Kapers for Atari

In this game, Officer Kelly and Harry are in a four story department store. Kelly starts out at the first floor entrance at the lower west right hand corner of the screen. Harry starts out at the second floor elevator door. When the user starts the game, Kelly will run to the left, toward the elevators at the center of the store. Harry will run toward the escalator to the third floor at the right hand end of the second floor. Kelly has to catch Harry within 50 seconds, and before Harry can escape off the roof of the store (Once Kelly takes the escolator to the roof, he's stuck up there for the remainder of the life).

Each game begins with Kelly having three lives in reserve. Kelly will lose a life each time the clock runs out without him catching Hooligan, if Harry escapes off the roof, or if Kelly touches one of the toy biplanes flying through the store in later levels. Kelly will win an extra life every 10,000 points; however, the maximum number of lives that can be held in reserve is three. The game is over once all of Kelly's lives are lost.

The player will use a joystick to move Kelly. Moving the joystick to the left or the right will move Kelly in the direction selected on the screen. Kelly can jump to avoid obstacles, and the user pushes the fire button to perform that action. He can also duck, which is accomplished by the user pressing down on the joystick. The obstacles include cathedral radios, which are stationary. There are also bouncing beach balls, as well as shopping carts. Touching any of the these objects will cause the user to suffer a 9 second penalty. The aforementioned biplanes, however, are deadly to the touch.
Requirements: No special requirements

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