King's Revenge Dark Realm Educational Edition 3.2.1

Kings Revenge is a challenging games for kids ages 8 to 102.

  • Last Updated: Sep 7, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Idea Labs Inc.

Description of King's Revenge Dark Realm Educational Edition 3.2.1

Think of it as a fussion of a chess, medieaval adventure, a puzzle game, a shooting action wargame, and a strategy game. Its turn based nature with its variant chess like moves makes it addicting. Help King Vindicuts (Vindictus Rex) regain his throne!

Refusing to surrender to checkmate, King Vindictus leaps from a mundane chess board, into his magical world. He lands in the gardens of his realm, only to find that the Red King and his minions have taken over his kingdom!. By using your wits, strategy and weapons tactics, you can help King Vindictus regain his throne!

Fight at six different skill levels through 18 challenging levels. Build an army, find medieval weapons, wear magic power rings. Fight your way through ambushes, secret areas. Find hidden treasure. Search for level keys that open locks to other levels. Each level... even more challenging.

This arcade like adventure pits you against familiar foes, such as Queens, Rooks, Knights, and Bishops. But Beware the Jesters, Inquisitors, Executioners, and Dragons!

King Vindictus can use magic rings to change his moves. He must find a way around gardens, castles, mazes, and many other mediaeval obstacles. He and his army can mount a strategy, take enemy pieces. And of course, what would an action game be without weapons!

* Includes (18) play levels and one Tutorial level.
* Helpful hint pop ups.
* Automatic piece move highlight help.
* A "Move for Me" feature, when you aren't sure where to move.
* It is a free download. Free to use.
* If you buy the CD-ROM , shipping is free inside the USA.
Requirements: No special requirements

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