Lords of Evil

A mysterious story happened among 3 races on the Land of Zeniken in t...

Description of Lords of Evil

Lords of Evil is a complex game of strategy, ingenuity, and power. As you strive to become a top player in LoE you must allocate your resources and military forces strategically.

The origin and creation of Zeniken has remained a mystery for thousands of years. Some people believed that a catastrophic cosmic explosion in the deep Orgim Ocean rose the land from the ocean floor, and some others believed that Zeniken was created by a single powerful mysterious entity. Although the exact origin of this mysterious land has remained uncertain, it is clear that 2 different races, human and orc, had been peacefully live in and share the land together. Ruled by their wise king, Leorudius, humans were able to strengthen their civilization with advanced technologies and machineries. Orcs also became stronger with their improved weaponries. As the two races became stronger and more numerous, their demands for resources to support their own kind became more and more intense each day. The tension between the two seemed to break out in the near future, and some of the extreme advocates from each side began to plan their tactics to over power the other race.
Requirements: No special requirements

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