Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for DX9

Lost Planet is a great action game because it focuses on battle!

Description of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for DX9

Lost Planet is a great action game because it focuses on tense, thrilling battles that don't require much input beyond a constant trigger finger and healthy desire to kill everything that moves. There's very little downtime in the single-player game, and there's always plenty of stuff to shoot. That makes it easily entertaining if you're just in the mood to kick back and put your brain on standby for awhile. The multiplayer requires much more skill and a slightly more sophisticated, though no less manic, approach. As a result, the multiplayer game is an excellent complement to the single-player action. The brief campaign is a disappointment, but while it lasts, Lost Planet holds its own among the abundant shooters available for the Xbox 360--and considering how great some of those other games are, that's no small feat.

As you play online you'll earn points, which raises your level. As you increase in level you'll unlock new character skins to use in future matches. The leveling system is also a good way of judging how experienced other players are--although, of course, experience doesn't necessarily coincide with skill. The servers aren't segregated based on territory, so you can find yourself playing with people in Japan, France, the UK, and elsewhere. It's a great way to ensure plenty of available opponents, but you might run into issues when trying to communicate with teammates who don't speak your language. In our experience that didn't matter much, though; we found plenty of exciting, lag-free battles online with people all over the world.
Requirements: intel pentium 4 HT, RAM: 512MB, video: 256MB, Geforce 6600 or higher, Xbox 360 controller for window

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