Luxor 3 1.0

For both newcomers to the series and long-time fans!

Description of Luxor 3 1.0

Luxor 3 takes you on an ethereal journey as you battle the power hungry god of Chaos to free the souls of other gods before they reach end of their path. Utilize reflectors to make nearly impossible matches, make three matches in a row to release supernatural powerups and collect Ankh coins for purchasing important upgrades. Plus gather canopic jars to unlock bonus levels and hit elusive Golden Scarabs to discover hidden treasures! Featuring seven gameplay modes and 150 levels, Luxor 3 is the ultimate release for both newcomers to the series and long-time fans!

Key Game Features

- 150 levels
- Seven gameplay modes
- Bonus content
- Unlimited game time
- Free upgrades to newer versions
- Full technical support
Requirements: No special requirements

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