Making History: The Calm & the Storm

Playable demo of the turn based strategy war game Making History.

Description of Making History: The Calm & the Storm

Lead any of eight major nations in 1939 as war seems imminent. Full diplomatic, economic, and military features plus complete game world. Demo includes one historic scenario and tutorial.

The first game in the MAKING HISTORY series, MAKING HISTORY: "The Calm & the Storm" was released in March 2007. With its streamlined interface, "3D virtual board game" art style, completely open-ended gameplay, and highly moddable content, MAKING HISTORY is an ambitious step forward in the Strategy Wargame genre. Players must balance economic, diplomatic, and military priorities to achieve success. Since its initial release, input and content from the user community have resulted in a game that continues to grow and develop..

Includes over 80 nations and 800+ regions. Each nation is given detailed characteristics built on extensive research, including economic and military strengths, diplomatic relations, ideology, and technical advancement. Each region features terrain, infrastructure, resource production and more.


You are your Nation: Devise strategies based on your nation's historic strengths and weaknesses and those of the world's other nations. Play as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USSR, the United States, or China.

Effortless Game Navigation: Player's console provides one-click access to all critical information and actions. Play on the 3D world map with beautifully detailed city, military, and other models.

Multi-Turn Combat: Take many approaches to engagements from massive assaults to holding actions. Supplies, reinforcements and geography all affect your battle plan.

Sophisticated World Economy: Economic system models the connections between world power and economic strength. Players control trade, aid, industrial development, infrastructure investments, and a deep field of research.

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